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I'm a computer programmer in Winnipeg, Canada.

I wrote my first program using punch cards before moving on to Commodore Pet basic, Apple Basic and Waterloo Structured Basic.

I've spent many years programming in dBase, FoxBase and Visual FoxPro.  My first paid programming was in FoxBase for Unix under Microsoft Xenix, back when Microsoft was calling Unix the OS of the future.

Today I do most of my programming in Microsoft's Visual Studio environment, on systems in a VMware environment.  I've had a lot of success connecting legacy Visual FoxPro apps to modern ASP.NET web sites.

Since 1994 I've been programming for Yetman's Ltd. in Winnipeg, where I wrote a large multi-warehouse, multi-currency accounting system.  It typically has around 30 simultaneous local users, plus many more customers across Western Canada checking stock and ordering parts over the web.  The accounting system and B2B web site are also used by Lotus Equipment in Calgary and Consolidated Equipment in Burnaby.

In the ongoing effort to stay current, at home I'm using and experimenting with Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Server 2012 running under VMware.  I'm running my own mail and web servers.

Roger Strong
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
roger at rogerstrong dot ca

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